Clear Bra



What is a Clear Bra?

 A Clear Bra is the name commonly used when talking about paint protection film.

 Paint Protection film is a thermoplastic urethane film with an acrylic  pressure sensitive adhesive. Translation: It is a clear, stretchable tape with a glossy exterior and an adhesive backing .

Once properly applied to the car’s painted surface, it provides  durable  protection against rocks thrown up by vehicles on the highway and bugs (driven to Florida lately?)  keeping the paint underneath in perfect, original condition.

 An additional bonus is the material is virtually invisible protection and does not change the look or aerodynamics of your vehicle.

It is a replacement for the  black vinyl bra or bug deflector.

Picture of paint protection film being applied as a clear bra.


Who makes the protective films?

There are several different manufactures of paint protection films.

 3M paint protection film, Xpel Ultimate and SunTek are regarded as the best, although there are many others trying to gain market share.

We currently use SunTek due to its durability, high stain resistance and smooth, glossy finish. It has also proven itself to be good in the long term, with zero warranty claims due to material defect.

Clear Bra Application

The application of these films can be straight off a roll (commonly referred to as a bulk or custom install) or computer designed and machine cut (patterned kit).

 Either of these techniques will provide great results.

We typically use patterned kits that are precision cut by machine, but have the skill to do custom installs on one-off projects like wrapping entire cars, custom motorcycles or larger vehicles such as RV’s.

                                      Photo of a Corvette Clear Bra

What are the Benefits of a Clear Bra?

First and foremost, a clear bra is about protecting your vehicles vulnerable high impact areas.

It’s primary purpose is to protect from the everyday bits of small debris you encounter whiledriving at highway speeds.

Auto paint protection prevents the damage that is caused by rocks, bugs, any any other flyingroad debris that could damage the paint of your vehicle.

Most often this film is applied to the front end of a vehicle but the entire car can be covered for maximum protection.

A  clear bra provides protection without comprising your vehicles beauty or performance. It is also an investment in your vehicle.

Photo of a Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S


Rock chips on paint and pits in plastic bumpers  can significantly reduce trade-in or lease return value and can be prevented with this simple solution.

One thing to remember is that it is not just an invisible car bra, it is an invisible barrier that can be used to protect many areas such as  fenders, doors, door sills and edges, rocker panels, trunks openings.

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