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Clear Bra – Your Most Important Accessory

Friday, March 1st, 2013

It’s simple to safeguard your vehicles fresh paint from stone chips and highway debris by the installation of a clear bra paint protection film. A clear bra will keep your vehicle’s paint in show room condition and by doing so retain it’s value.

Protective film is definitely an accessory which will deliver protection for your vehicle’s front bumper, hood, fenders, mirrors, rockers as well as any other surface area imaginable.

Computer designed and machine cut, the clear bra is made to fit invisibly and properly for maximum protection. It is a barrier against highway hazards like  rocks and other flying debris on roads which can cause paint chips and bug acids which can permanently your cars paint.

An area that is commonly left out of the discussion is the bumper which is plastic and over time receives pitting damage.

While the film provides an important protective feature, it can be installed in areas that receive regular wear and tear. These areas include rocker panels, trunk openings and door sills to name a few.

Although there are many options like regular vinyl car bras on the market for ones vehicle, the one pointed out here will significantly help in providing you with calmness of mind with regards to your vehicles paint.

If you wish to sell your automobile someday, you have used a product that will likely provide you with highest dollar at selling or trade in time. You’ll in no way lose with the addition of protective film for your vehicle.

It is strongly suggested that you hire a professional to install paint protection film kits on your vehicle.

If you live in the Atlanta, GA area contact Phantom Auto Shield to schedule your installation.  If you live outside the Atlanta area we will recommend an installer near you.