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Clear Bra Protection Film

Friday, February 15th, 2013

Rock chips and bug acids can really ruin the looks of your car as well as its value. You can prevent this damage to your vehicle by installing Clear Bra Paint Protection Film.

Paint protection film was originally developed by 3M, and has been used in military and commercial aviation for years.   After some refinements to the film which prevent yellowing, and a clear coat to add gloss, the film has  found it’s place in the automotive industry.

This rugged, yet invisible material is placed on cars, RV’s and motorcycles. Not only are these invisible car bras used to maintain the traditional area such as bumpers and hoods, because of the way it adheres, it can protect other areas of your car as well.

You can cover rocker panels, doors sills, door edges, door handle cups, trunk openings, and the list goes on. Any area that can be chipped or scratched can benefit from paint protection film.

Once it is installed, it is a very low maintenance product. Simply care for it in the same manner as you would your paint and it will look great for years.

For premium Clear Bra installation in the Atlanta, Georgia area contact Phantom Auto Shield.


Photo of clear bra protective film being applied to a car hood.

Clear bra protective film being applied to a car hood.